1011 Meredith Drive, Suite 1

Austin, TX  78748

What I Do:  At Therapeutic Bodywork of South Austin, the focus is on treating and resolving soft tissue problems, be they from injury or overuse.  I use deep tissue myofascial release of several varieties to restore function, reduce pain and improve performance.  I also offer stand-alone assisted stretching sessions to increase range and ease of motion.  Although there are many benefits to a relaxation massage, it is simply not what I do or a service I offer. 

How Much Is It?:  I charge $40 for 30 minute sessions, and $80 for 60 minutes (I accept cash, check or PayPal).  Although I don't do any direct billing through medical insurance, I'm more than happy to provide receipts in case you can be partially or fully reimbursed through your carrier.

What To Wear:  Gym clothes work well for much of the work I do; full draping is of course used when necessary.  For lower body work, stretchable workout shorts are helpful.

Can It Hurt?:  Short answer, yes.  Although I am never trying to create pain, discomfort can be a byproduct of the work I do.  I always aim to make the work as painless as possible while still being effective.

How To Schedule:  Call, text or email to set up an appointment: (512) 638-1075 or bamartens@gmail.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Directions: Meredith Drive is located off of Manchaca, close to the intersection with Route 1626.  The Meredith Building is located directly behind Taco Aranda restaurant.  I'm in Suite 1, on the first floor facing Meredith Drive.